Dr. Froeba’s Appointment Descriptions

Private Appointments

Our private rooms allow one-on-one attention and focus with Dr. Mary Froeba, Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) and Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAcOM). Treatments are conducted on a comfortable massage-style table with an optional heated mattress pad.

One-Hour Private Appointments - $90

This is our recommended first stop for anyone working with Dr. Froeba for the first time, and for individuals who enjoy a longer intake process and private discussion.

This is a required first stop for anyone working on complicated internal medical cases such as fertility, menstrual regulation, and colorectal and gastrointestinal health. In such cases, expect a discussion of herbal medicine options.

Treatments may include:

Full discussion and intake, examination, full-body acupuncture/dry needling, facial rejuvenation acupuncture/cupping therapy, other various cupping therapy styles, auricular and Battlefield Acupuncture, warm needle technique (smokeless moxa), electrical stimulation with acupuncture (e-stim), herbal medicine prescription, light manual therapies, and dietary recommendations.

Also available:

One-Hour Facial Rejuvenation Focused Appointments

(Combined Cupping Therapy and Acupuncture *for best results*)

30-Minute Private Appointments - $50

Shorter private appointments are often recommended after an initial One-Hour Private Appointment on a case-by-case basis, especially if return visits are frequent and/or involve cupping therapy.

Treatments may include:

Follow-up intake and examination, full-body acupuncture/dry needling, facial rejuvenation acupuncture/cupping therapy, other various cupping therapy styles, auricular and Battlefield Acupuncture, needle technique (smokeless moxa), and electrical stimulation with acupuncture (e-stim). Usually only one or two modalities may be expected.

Also Available:

30-Minute Cupping Therapy Only

(General Health Focus or Glut/Thigh Cellulite Focus)

30-Minute Facial Rejuvenation Focused Appointment

(Cupping Therapy or Acupuncture only)

COMING SOON: Community Acupuncture Appointments

Our community acupuncture appointments are conducted in a shared space at an incredible value. While voices are kept low, please note that there is no assurance of privacy of conversation in the shared space.

30-Minute Zero-Gravity Acupuncture Appointments

These community acupuncture appointments are performed in zero-gravity chairs in a shared space in which multiple individuals are seeking care. This is ideal for those who require or desire frequent acupuncture at an excellent value.

Needle retention lasts about 20-minutes. Treatments are all sitting down or reclining face-up. Have back pain? No worries! Dr. Froeba won’t need to needle it to address it!

There is no undressing in the shared space other than shoes and socks. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows access to the lower arms and legs without cutting off blood flow at the joints. Please avoid conversation or cellphone use of any kind during your treatment. This is your time to kickback and heal from the inside out. Feel free to arrive 5 minutes early in to settle into your zero-gravity chair!

Treatments may include:

Brief intake and examination – focused on one or two areas of focus.

Acupuncture/dry needling, electrical stimulation with acupuncture (e-stim), facial rejuvenation acupuncture.

Auricular and Battlefield Acupuncture (Between Five and 15 minutes)

These sessions are reserved for one particular style of acupuncture and no other modalities. This style is very different from what most people think of as acupuncture! 

Acupuncture that treats the whole body through the insertion of needles in the external ear has been used for thousands of years in many different regions (China, Greece, Egypt, et cetera) including by the Father of Modern Medicine, Hippocrates (1).

Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA) in particular was designed within the U.S. military, borrowing directly from a long history of auricular acupuncture around the world. BFA utilizes a series of standardized points, five in each ear. Semi-permanent needles are anchored into place one at a time. After each placement, the patient is asked to walk around for 30-45 seconds then reassess the pain. When the pain is appropriately reduced, the process is stopped. Patients rarely make it to all 10 points!

The semi-permanent needles are anchored into the ear and are to be worn home. They may stay put for a few minutes or a few weeks. Eventually they will fall out or they may be removed by the patient. All patients will receive care instructions following their appointment.

This appointment is appropriate for these living with chronic pain that is currently under treatment with a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), a Medical Doctor (MD), or has otherwise been pre-approved by Dr. Froeba, LAc DAcOM.

BFA is designed to reduce or eliminate pain, improve one’s quality of life, and allow strides forward to overall wellness. It does not replace exercise, good diets, medical intervention, or improved lifestyles. BFA does not improve degeneration of joints or discs.

Allow this reduction in pain to be an opportunity to start a new life full of joy and healthful choices.

Treatments include:

Semi-permanent acupuncture, usually with a lot of careful movement and physical assessments.


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